Course Overview

About Silver Styx Golf Club in Sudbury, Ontario

Located in a spectacular woodland setting, Silver Styx is a course that wins golfers over time and time again. The dynamic collection of natural obstacles, coarse sand traps and blissful water hazards love claiming balls, while the serene backdrop of nature frames stunningly sculpted fairways and elevation changes to test your every golfing skill.

18 holes peacefully await. Can you feel the wind in your face yet? Hear the noise of the ball skipping onto the green? Or the firm club between your hands?

That’s the SIlver Styx Golf Club experience.

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Course Length

6,700+ yards of scenic green


Four sets of tees: forward tees at 4,700 yards and championship tees at 6,700 yards

Course Par

Par 72

Challenging Hazards

A dynamic collection of both natural and strategically-placed sand and water hazards provide challenges for all skill levels.

Silver Styx Membership

With our flexible membership options, joining one of Manitoba’s premier private golf and country clubs has never been more affordable. Our great location, convenient tee times, friendly staff, and unique member events make Glendale a superb choice when considering a private club.